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Title: == MXD2R with SBC65EC Ethernet Board ==
Post by: modtro2 on May 29, 2009, 04:02:03 AM
The new SBC65EC ( V3.10 software supports the MXD2R ( input/output/relay board, and is now available on our server. New Firmware can be downloaded here: (

The SBC65EC is configured via it's web interface to work with the MXD2R. Select "System Configuration" in menu, and than "Expansion Board". In combo box of web page that is loaded, select "MXD2R", and click update.

Now click "Back to Main Page" button, and than select "Expansion Board". This will load the MXD2R web page.

When combining these two boards, they have the following features:

All source code, and binary files can be downloaded from the self extracting zip file at: (

Documentation is here: (