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Title: Glitch with Netloader V1.07
Post by: eejake52 on April 08, 2014, 03:07:07 PM
I have had two SBC65 for about nine years now. I just recently finished the first project I set out to build with the SBC65. I had previously given up on the project twice, but then something would change to re-motivate me. In any event, I have been using the NETLOADER utility (V1.07 - running on Windows 7) to update the firmware and the web pages, but there is a glitch. If you ever un-check the box that says "Update EEPROM Configuration Data" then you can never get it checked again. I did find a work-around by editing PROPERTIES.XML which is where the setting appears to be saved. I suspect because the latter file is saved in the same directory as the executable, that Windows 7 is preventing the change to be properly saved. Has anyone else seen this issue?