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Title: inAir9 : DIO0 is not set after a send
Post by: fletort on October 03, 2015, 12:41:41 AM
Using your code under github (i modify the frequency parameter to 868), i am not able to send a packet.
The DIO0 pin is never set after a send operation.

I am using USB power to power my arduino and the inAIr9 (through a powered usb hub) maybe this is the problem ?

If not someone did had already this kind of problem ?

Thanks, Fabien
Title: Re: inAir9 : DIO0 is not set after a send
Post by: mayer on October 07, 2015, 01:37:03 AM
I have the same problem. DIO0 is never set.
The InAir9B is interfaced with a Raspberry Pi. As usual the Raspberry is powered from USB. The module is controlled via python.

What's weird is that I can actually transmit data over very short distances. When I measure the
field strength with my Aaronia 40xx Spectrograph I get basically no reading. It's almost as if there was no antenna attached or the output stage didn't have enough power. (The J1 jumper is set!)

For reference I just checked in my project on github: (
Title: Re: inAir9 : DIO0 is not set after a send
Post by: modtro2 on October 08, 2015, 03:09:27 PM
Hi, I have not used this board connected to the Raspberry Pi ports and SPI directly. Sorry, do not have any sample code for that. We have however created a "Virtual Com Port" controlled inAir board, that is connected to a USB port of the RPi. It is basically an inAir Semtech LoRa ( module connected to a NZ32-SC151 ( board. The software on the NZ32-SC151 board created a virtual serial port, enabling the LoRa module to be controlled via simple ASCII commands.

Regarding your problem, you say DIO0 is never set. DIO0 can be configured for multiple notifications:
Code: [Select]
RxDone, TxDone or CadDoneI assume you have it configured to be set once transmission is done? If this is the case, and DIO0 is not set, you have to first get that to work. Connect a scope up the the board, and get your code to the stage where DIO0 is set to indicate TxDone. Without this happening, there is something wrong with your code.
Title: Re: inAir9 : DIO0 is not set after a send
Post by: mayer on October 08, 2015, 11:36:24 PM

yes I do set the correct DIO mapping in the software.

I have the SX1276 SPI talking directly to the Raspberry BCOM chip, actually. No USB serial device involved.

What I found is two things:
1. I realised I have two different Raspberries with slightly different header pinouts.
2. I used a cheap USB charger to power the Rasp
Taking these two factors into account I do detect the DIO0 interrupts now!

But unfortunately I still can only transmit over very short distances. But this is off-topic. I'll start a new thread.