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Thanks for answering.

You're right! RF module quality is a key point in low-power long-range wireless sensor design.

Our application will be battery powered. The end nodes won't use any recharge features, the gateway nodes will make use of solar recharge.

We'll be happy to help testing the revision 1 board / SX1276 / MBED API and report the results.

Best regards,

Marcelo Lopes

Hello all!!!

We are evaluating alternatives for prototyping a IoT project based on the LoRa modulation technology. Our goal is to develop a sensor network infraestructure (data communication in star topology) and LoRa seems quite perfect for that.

Until now, we are considering one the following radio modules:




In conjunction with NUCLEO-L152RE (

** OR **

An integrated (MCU + Radio) board such as:



We will be evaluating STM32L MCU with MBED and:

- (IBM “LoRa MAC in C”)


- (Semtech LoRa MAC 3.0)

We would like to know more about your STM32L151 board with SX1276 Wireless module.

Best Regards,

Marcelo Lopes

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