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Hi, I need help in modifying the 'cmd.c' file inside the 'websrvr65_v310 example' so that it can return the udp message thru a specific port (eg port 54124) instead of returning it to the same port that send the udp command tag to the board.

//We are currently executing a "Get Tag Command"
        case SM_CMDX_GETTAG_EXEC:
            cmdFlags.bits.bDontReadNextChar = TRUE;    //Don't read another char, first handle current one!
            //Checks if there is a transmit buffer ready for accepting data, and that the
            //given socket is valid (not equal to INVALID_UDP_SOCKET for example)
            if (UDPIsPutReady(udpSocketCmd)) {

                while(1) {
                    bytesRead = cmdGetTag(&getTagInfo);
                    //Add TAG data to UDP transmit buffer
                    if (bytesRead > 0) {

                    if (getTagInfo.ref == HTTP_END_OF_VAR) {
                        // Now transmit it.
                        cmdFlags.bits.bCloseAndExit = TRUE;

The full code for the example can be download at

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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