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Ethernet Boards (8-bit) / Problem in safe mode of SBC65EC
« on: November 20, 2012, 05:57:56 PM »
I have 16 SBC65ECs, HW V 3.20, SW V 3.10.

Trying the first one and changing some parameters, after rebooting the device it stopped responding.
I tried safe mode, the LED was blinking properly, but still no communication was possible.
Ethernet LEDs were working properly.
It failed also to communicate in safe mode.
My rooter detected an active device having IP, but the device was not responding not even to ping.

Then I tried a "fresh" one, it was working properly.
I started it in safe mode, LED was blinking fast.
Again the rooter detected it, but still no communication was possible.
Returning to normal mode, everything was fine.

What could be wrong?

In my LAN there is a PC that has static IP of, but I have disconnected it.
I tried also to communicate through, adding an IP to my PC as with sub net mask, but still there was not any response!

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