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Thx Rick.
Just to let know everybody (in case Rick is not the only one to still keep an eye on this forum), that Modtronix have fixed the broken links and all latest tools and firmware are accessible again.

I'm considering using these SBC65/68 boards for some nautic applications where I need to capture analog, digital in + have to.close few relays with the capability to integrate with a Rpi via network, and after searching quite a lot I have entered found better match. I know this is outdated but if it does the job...


Hello, can someone put the latest boot loader as well as firmware online or eventually email me, as the links are broken on both and
Thanks in advance for your help,


The repaired links looks not anymore valid.
I need to download (ideally latest versions) the Network BootLoader as well as firmware for SBC65 and SBC68.

Thanks in advance,

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