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Managed to get the keypad input after I enable the event and heartbeat event.
However only manage to the 12 of the buttons instead of 16.

Understand that I need to remove the J1 jumper and I've done that. What other configuration or things that I need to do in order to receive the key pressed event for all the 16 buttons.

Ethernet Boards (8-bit) / Re: UDP Events
« on: May 11, 2010, 06:18:39 AM »
I'm using sbc68ec with last firmware 3.10 connected to a LCD2s and a keypad.

I tried to enable the event by sending "le=01" to port 54123.
Then activate the events by sending character string "01" to UDP socket port 54124.
But I just don't get any response when I press the keypad connected to the LCD2s

I'm using to send the "01" by using the below code

Code: [Select]
Dim bytCommand As Byte()
bytCommand = New Byte() {&H0, &H1}
sendingUdpClient.Send(bytCommand, bytCommand.Length)

Can anyone out here give me any advice on what may be wrong.

Another question, when the event is running, does it means that whenever there is any changes in any of the input, or keypad key pressed, a udp message automatically be send to to port 54124 .
I don't really understand what the document is saying.  :?

Is there any example for getting the input for the keypad?

Thanks. Manage to solve the problem already. :-D

Hi, I need help in modifying the 'cmd.c' file inside the 'websrvr65_v310 example' so that it can return the udp message thru a specific port (eg port 54124) instead of returning it to the same port that send the udp command tag to the board.

//We are currently executing a "Get Tag Command"
        case SM_CMDX_GETTAG_EXEC:
            cmdFlags.bits.bDontReadNextChar = TRUE;    //Don't read another char, first handle current one!
            //Checks if there is a transmit buffer ready for accepting data, and that the
            //given socket is valid (not equal to INVALID_UDP_SOCKET for example)
            if (UDPIsPutReady(udpSocketCmd)) {

                while(1) {
                    bytesRead = cmdGetTag(&getTagInfo);
                    //Add TAG data to UDP transmit buffer
                    if (bytesRead > 0) {

                    if (getTagInfo.ref == HTTP_END_OF_VAR) {
                        // Now transmit it.
                        cmdFlags.bits.bCloseAndExit = TRUE;

The full code for the example can be download at

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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