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Hi everybody,

this is my first post - yesterday I received my SBC65EC and the 4x20 LCD2S display... My intention is to use this combination to display the status of some home automation - sending the data via TCP/IP.

On my first steps I encountered some obstacles that I'd like to share and discuss with you:

Obviously the query-string parsing of the webserver is somewhat limited in terms of character count. I tried to send data to the display with

Code: [Select]
which I would expect to fill three lines with the figures but instead this gets cut at approx. 30 chars. Same result when I send the data via UDP. Is this behaviour expected?

How do I send spaces or accented characters / diacritics like the german ? (Both via http or UDP)

Approximately every 5th time I send data to the board, the display is not updated correctly (meaning that the former displayed data stays on display and the last line of data send now is display starting line 1 char 1). Did that via UDP with the following commands:

Code: [Select]
ll=_fThis is just demo te
ll=xt. The quick brown
ll=fox jumps over the l
ll=azy dog. testtest

On 3 or 4 occasions the board became unresponsive thus I disconnected the power to reset the device. Is there a way to monitor or debug a situation like that? Can I trigger a reset via network commands, e.g. having a watchdog.

Well, that's more then enought for a first post, I think. Might be, that most of the questions are newbie topics but hey that's what I am with the SBC65EC!  :wink:

Thanks for your help!!!
Best regards from Berlin, Germany

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