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Programming / Programming SBC45 with Microchip ICD2
« on: October 17, 2006, 06:14:38 PM »
I have just received a new Microchip ICD2.  The contents contains a design advisory in which they talk about AC grounding.

They state that if power is supplied to the target application, which in this case is the SBC45 board, that power should not be applied to the ICD2 unit, and that an optoisolated USB hub be used to attach the ICD2 pod to the computer.  This effectively isolates the computer from the development system.

My question:  Will the SBC45 board power supply support the power requirements of the MPLAB ICD2 module?  Or how do you recommend applying power to the ICD2 POD for programming and developing on the SBC45 board?

Any thoughts or comments on this are appreciated.

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