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Ethernet Boards (8-bit) / Re: Problem in safe mode of SBC65EC
« on: November 22, 2012, 04:33:36 AM »
I have a capture software from Soft Perfect, and I downloaded the Wireshark too.
Both give the same results.

To avoid any other traffic I have connected the SBC directly to PC with a twisted cable.

At normal operation the SBC is working properly.
I have set the IP address to
The first time I request anything form SBC, an APR Request is send from my PC, asking who has that IP.
SBC replies with its MAC address (00:50:C2:6A:D7:4D).
And then the PC is sending HTTP or UDP packet (depending on how I chose to communicate, browser or my application).
The SBC replies with an equivalent packet.

At safe mode I request data from
Again an APR Request is send from my PC, and SBC replies with its MAC (00:04:A3:00:00:00).
Then the PC is sending http or udp packet, but SBC does not reply any packet.

The only difference I see is at APR Reply "data" ("Padding" is called by the tracking software).
both are 18 bytes, but in normal mode the data are 00 00 00 00 00 80 00 04 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
and in safe mode they are 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
I do not know the meaning of those data.


As for the "damaged" SBC, I set it at safe mode and used Netloader, but it was not connected.
I tested the last IP I had given to it ( and it was connected!
Updating EEPROM everything was OK.

Then I connected normally, I changed IP etc, and after power up SBC was again not responding!
I used Netloader again to restore it (hopefully the IP that I had programmed, was again not damaged).
Then I changed again IP etc, but this time I waited for 10 seconds before remove power.
I do not know if THIS delay was needed, but this time SBC is functioning OK.

So my final conclusion is that when changing values in EEPROM and after submit button, we should wait for few seconds before remove power.
I can't find any other reason why the SBC is been "blocked".

Finally I used a "fresh" one in safe mode, without changing any of the initial setup values.
But my rooter says that an unknown device is connected at having MAC 00:04:A3:00:00:00 (as it should be)
But again no reply was returned using address, either pinging, either udp, either http  :x :x :x

So my final question is:

Does anyone knows how we can communicate with SBC65EC in safe mode ?

Ethernet Boards (8-bit) / Re: SBC65EC Usable Pins
« on: November 21, 2012, 06:27:03 AM »
While B0 is used for Ethernet communication, the web page for setting port bits as input or output includes B0 as available for input or output !!

B6 is available also but if you change it to input returns automatically to output.

If you select at system setup that you don't want a blinking LED, B6 can be used for I/O.
In that case the LED is acting as an "indicator" of B6 Status.

We have also to deal with boot time when the processor is testing connection between B6 & B7.
In that period B6 is acting as Input and B7 as Output.
B7 is transmitting some pulses to B6, and this is the way system recognizes request for safe mode.

If we must use one of B6 or B7 for I/O because we need more ports than the totaly "free", then we should use B6 as output because the external input device that is connected to it does not affect the initial testing.
And there is not any problem at safe mode.

If we must use both B6 & B7, then we should use them both as outputs. The inputs connected to them for normal operation do not affect the operation of initial testing for safe mode.
In order to protect them when we will use safe mode, we have to construct a special shorting device using a socket in place of the provided short circuit.
A resistor of 2.7K between the pins to be shorted is enough for enabling safe mode.
When B7 will be driven High and B6 as Input will monitor the signal, the voltage at B6 will be at least 2.5V, a level well above 2.0 that is required for High recognition.
When leaving boot phase and inserting in normal operation, the 2.2K will require theoretically ~1.9mA in case that one output is High and the other Low.
In case of B6 Hi and B7 Lo, then both 2.7K and the LED circuit should be driven.
The controller outputs are specified at 3mA with VDD at 4.5V and output at 3.8V.
In that case 2.7K will draw 1.4mA and the LED 2.2, totally 3.6mA.
If maximum output current is 3mA, then output voltage should be 3.3V, enough for High recognition.

Finally C6 & C7 that are used for USART can be used also if it will be not used.
We just have to remove solder that is connecting J3 and J4 jumpers and leave connections open.
Then they can be used as inputs or outputs.

Ethernet Boards (8-bit) / Re: Problem in safe mode of SBC65EC
« on: November 21, 2012, 01:06:19 AM »
Thanks for your reply.

I have already tried a twisted cable connection.
My PC IP is and I have been set the "good" SBC65EC as static IP having
So at normal operation every thing is fine.

But when I power up it in safe mode, the device is not responding at as it should be.
It is not responding at also.

The device is not connected to any I/O. All I/O bits are open.

Ethernet Boards (8-bit) / Problem in safe mode of SBC65EC
« on: November 20, 2012, 05:57:56 PM »
I have 16 SBC65ECs, HW V 3.20, SW V 3.10.

Trying the first one and changing some parameters, after rebooting the device it stopped responding.
I tried safe mode, the LED was blinking properly, but still no communication was possible.
Ethernet LEDs were working properly.
It failed also to communicate in safe mode.
My rooter detected an active device having IP, but the device was not responding not even to ping.

Then I tried a "fresh" one, it was working properly.
I started it in safe mode, LED was blinking fast.
Again the rooter detected it, but still no communication was possible.
Returning to normal mode, everything was fine.

What could be wrong?

In my LAN there is a PC that has static IP of, but I have disconnected it.
I tried also to communicate through, adding an IP to my PC as with sub net mask, but still there was not any response!

Ethernet Boards (8-bit) / Re: == Connecting multiple boards on a network ==
« on: November 20, 2012, 10:32:09 AM »
I have a SBC65EC and I did a serious mistake!
I disabled the serial bus and the "connection" to the UDP.

Now after rebooting the device, there is no communication!
Is there any way to reset the board to its initial state?

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