Author Topic: === New DIN Rail Modules ===  (Read 7881 times)


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=== New DIN Rail Modules ===
« on: October 08, 2009, 04:45:57 PM »
We are currently (end 2009) prototyping a new range of DIN Rail I/O Modules and SBC (Single Board Computers) boards. These boards will fit into 72mm DIN Rail PCB Adaptor. The main SBC board has expansion connectors on it's left and right side. These expansion connectors are used for adding additional I/O modules. The SBC board, and additional I/O modules will all fit into a single DIN Rail Adaptor, and form a single module that can be clipped onto a standard DIN rail.

The first SBC board will be the DIN24I board. The initial schematic and PCB diagrams can be downloaded here. This board will be a mixed 3.3V and 5V board, using the PIC24F256GB110 16 Bit Microcontroller with 256KBytes of Flash, 16KBytes of ram, 4 UARTS, 3 I2C ports, 3 SPI ports, USB controller, and more. The board has similar external memory and ports to our current SBC83I board. It will have 4MByte external Flash, 32KByte external SRAM, RTC with CR2032 battery, external EEPROM and 5 iMod expansion ports. It will also have the same daughter board connector for mounting a daughter board, like our new PD216LCD LCD daughter board. It has 5 iMod Ports for adding iMod modules like Ethernet, RS-485, RS-232, 1-Wire bus and future iMod modules.

It has two expansion ports on the left and right side for adding additional 72mm DIN Rail Modules. The left expansion port is a standard 9 pin D-Sub connector with power, I2C and RS485 bus. The right expansion port is a 32pin 2.54mm Female Header with power, I2C, RS485, and many CPU general purpose IO ports. Initial I/O Modules will include Relay, Opto Isolated inputs, Mosfet Output, Digital input/output and Analog Input modules.

Various companies manufacture 72mm DIN Rail Adaptors. For info from some manufacturers, see OKW, ASI, Camden, Sauro. There are many more, just do a google search for 72mm DIN Rail.
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Re: === New DIN Rail Modules ===
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2009, 02:50:36 PM »
Any pictures of this unit?