Author Topic: = Microchip TCP/IP Stack V5.20 ported for SBC83I R2 with PD216LCD =  (Read 7330 times)


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It works. Here is the code for the SBC83I R2 with the new LCD. So you can try and learn on it.
If you want to know more take a look at the Microchip Site there are some helpfull videoclips
to learn how the stack is working and how you can build it for your own application.

The complete code is in here: WebVend_v1.1.rar.
The app is an drinks machine and it has no DNS name so you have to take the IP-Adress that is schown at startup.
Extrackt it best to your root.
Have fun from Germany
Regards Marco


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Hello Marco

Thanks for info! The PD216LCD is a new LCD display and is available here. It is a daughter board for the SBC83I, and soon to be released DIN Rail DIN24I SBC boards. It is a 2x16 line LCD display with software controlled backlight an contrast. It also has 4 buttons, a buzzer and 2 LEDs. The SBC board Marco used is the SBC83I with in26J80 Ethernet iMod module. The in26J80 is added as a option for "Port 1 iMod Module" right at the bottom of the page. Can also use the cheaper SBC83IL board.
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Very nice !