Author Topic: SBC65EC + PT24E Proto Board, Java LED control program  (Read 2740 times)


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SBC65EC + PT24E Proto Board, Java LED control program
« on: July 27, 2011, 08:18:17 PM »
The attached Java program shows how to control the 8 LEDs on the PT24E Prototyping board, when used with an SBC65EC Ethernet Board, by sending it User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packets.  The 8 LEDs count binary from 0x00 to 0xff, with speed set by the program.  How to do this was discovered by reading the SBC65EC and PT24E data sheets.  This was part of a graduate student project I did, so I attempted to comment the code well.  I hope it is useful to other users.  Here are its usage instructions, given when run with no parameters.

C> java LedsOut
Modtronix SBC65EC + PT24E-ASM LED Control Program
Usage: java LedsOut <IP or URL> <delay> <output mode>
   <IP or URL> = SBC65EC IP address or URL
   <delay> = delay between LED outputs (ms)
   <output mode> = 0 (terse) or 1 (verbose)
   java LedsOut 50 0
   java LedsOut 200 1