Author Topic: Personalizing SBC 44 v203  (Read 2342 times)


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Personalizing SBC 44 v203
« on: February 19, 2012, 10:39:35 AM »

   I'm trying to personalize my SBC 44 BOARD to a serial web interface server and found some trouble with understanding the code to  where the data I fill in on the web page goes to. Take for instance the network config page: I sniffed out GET response with Wireshark and with this understood a lot better the code.  My question is, how do I save things that are filled in on the web page so then when this web page is called back I can see was I just filled in. I understand the use of "submit" in the CGI web page files and how you guys read the GET response so that the information is then saved to the PIC. I've been getting into the main aplication("mxwebsrvr.c") and following what "HTTPServer()" does until the point where the code reads the request and saves the information(httpexec.c in HTTPExecGetCmd). And here are my doubts: When I "submit" on the web page, for instance network config, get response is sent and my information is stored on callback how does the code retrieve the things I submitted??

   Do I hace to store them to the EEPROM where CGI files are stored or do I just save them to the PIC's eeprom like any variable?

    Just need a little start of kick.

   Best regards, Sebastian