Author Topic: Login problems. Allowable characters in username and password?  (Read 3291 times)


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New SBC65EC and new user.  My goal is to use this board for managing my small farms irrigation system. 

Direct computer to board ethernet connection.  Found board as expected at   The admin and pw worked.   Then, filled out the system config tab? (can't get there to look now) for a new user name and password.  The new username and password I entered contained numbers and characters like... &# <.   
One problem is, the interface doesn't ask you to enter it twice, so it is possible I fat fingered the entry, though I'm pretty sure I didn't and I've tried various wrong combinations to no avail.

I've tried commanding changes, , Also tried the reset command.   The board presents the login popup so I don't get anywhere with that.

I can't seem to find a hard reset on the board. 



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Re: Login problems. Allowable characters in username and password?
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2012, 12:54:27 PM »
Did you resolve this?  I didn't look at the code but I would avoid the following characters which have special meaning when passed in a URL (first 5) and also 2 of which due to it's use in html tags (although they are probably fine) and 3 of which due to json issues (quotes and backslash escapes the following character).
enter key and space key
Everything else visible should be fine.  Visible meaning don't put ctrl+A in your password.

There is definitely a reset.  You go into safe mode with a jumper.  Read about this in the documentation.