Author Topic: where can I find some plastic isolation frame for the RJ-45 connector & cutout ?  (Read 3326 times)


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I am using a SBC65EC assembly, mounted into a metal enclosure. All internal circuits must be isolated from the metal housing, which is earthed. This is easy to be done with my other circuits and power supply, but unfortunately the SBC has the RJ-45 connector shield connected to the electrical ground and the shield is very close to the enclosure cutout, so they may have electrical contact.

I can hack the printed circuit board with a milling machine and isolate the printed circuit that goes to the RJ shield, but it is somewhat difficult, I have to unsolder the RJ connector first and the cosmetic result to the SBC board is catastrophic.

I can make the enclosure cutout a bit larger, but is looks ugly. My question is if there is somewhere a thin plastic frame, or gasket, or something, designed specifically for RJ-45 connectors, which should just surround the connector and "press and fit" in the case cutout.

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You could use kapton tape (polyimide tape).  It's cheap on ebay if you don't already have it.  It would turn your "silver" RJ45 into a "gold" RJ45.  If you cut it with a razor blade you can make it look nice.  If you work for a company that has soldering stations and such then you already have it - it's the "clear" yellow tape.

Kapton tape is popular in electronics because it is a good insulator and can handle very high temperatures.  It also sticks well for many years but can still come off if you need to repair later.

This might not be up to your visual/esthetic standards but it's the only thing I can think of.