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Webserver I/O
« on: November 17, 2012, 09:33:13 AM »
I recently purchased an SBC66EC board and have been studying the documentation. I started with netcruzer_v103 firmware. I can compile and upload the code as well as the WebPages with no problem. I can read the analog input on port X1. I have hooked a pot to it and can adjust and read the changing values on the web server main page index.htm, but I cannot figure out the mapping of the rest of the I/O such as LED outputs and button inputs. I have checked all the ports on CON1 and CON 2 and do not see changing signal levels when I try to toggle the LEDS on the main page. I can see the right most (systemLED) blinking on the main page, but cannot toggle any of the others by clicking on the LEDs. I have also tried to pull the ports low and high to 3.3V, but see none of the Buttons change. I do not see any documentation mapping the Buttons or LEDs to ports. I can add my own code to the main loop to monitor port inputs and turn on outputs just fine,  but am having a problem interfacing  I/O to the web server. What am I missing? I have been searching through the code with no luck so far to figure it out.
Can someone please help with this?