Author Topic: The I2C repeated start function confirmation for SBC65EC module.  (Read 3007 times)


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In our requirements, we need to use the “I2C repeated start” function of SBC65EC module before the terminal stop command as below website, but it seems that someone find it is not valid before.

Please confirm if it is available in current SBC65EC module for this function.

(1) The website as below:
(2) The quotation for the function description as below:
Repeated Start, write 1 byte (0x15), reading 3 bytes from an I2C node with address 2A (or 2B for writing)
S2A15 S2B03P
<[I2C Start][Address:0x2A, R/W = Write][Data: 0x15] [I2C Repeated Start][Address:0x2B, R/W = Read][Number of bytes to read: 03][I2C Stop] This commands uses the I2C repeated start feature. If a second start command is sent, without sending a stop command, it will cause a repeated start condition to be put on the I2C bus. A single byte is written to the I2C node with address 0x2A, and 3 bytes are read from the I2C node with address 0x2B.


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Re: The I2C repeated start function confirmation for SBC65EC module.
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2014, 06:35:51 PM »
Hello, would it be possible for you to use our new SBC66EC or SBC66ECL boards? They have much better I2C support. See the following page for detailed description:

A repeated start is automatically sent if a second start is sent before a stop.