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im1CAN Mode Switch


Does anyone have any experience with im1CAN mode MCP2515 mode switch issues?

I have used the MCP2515 (Seeed CAN Bus Shield) with the following library https://github.com/Seeed-Studio/CAN_BUS_Shield for serveral year with no issue.

I am not trying to get the im2CAN module to run the same library.

I have no issue in getting the MCP2515 into set up mode and the module acknowledges but I can not get it change back to normal mode.

SPI is working and communication is as expected.

I have looked at the http://forum.microchip.com/ and have tried some of the suggested like read, set, read, and read, set, read until set (try 10 times) but I can note the the chip into normal mode.

I have seen in the forum that his issue can be module specific so I am just trying to see what experience exist trying to use the module within the 3.3V Arduino environment.

Any suggested are appreciated.



Hello Bruce, can you maybe post your test program here? I can run it on my side, and see if I can get it to work.

Also please confirm you have set the VIO solder jumper on your board for 3.3V or 5V operation. See the "Configuration" section on Wiki page:

Yes I set the module for 3.3v operation.

Like I said in my email:

--- Quote ---I have the im1CAN working in loop back mode but I can not get a buss output.

 Yes the bus is terminated with two 120 ohm resistors.

 I have a vector canalyzer waiting to monitor the buss and I have an oscilloscope reading the buss voltages but never see anything.

 The buss is in recessive state (~ 2.5V).

 Any ideas what is going on?

--- End quote ---

I fixed the issue with the

Loop back sends and receives but I do not see anything on the bus except the 2.5V recessive output state.

Standby pin is pulled low.



Hello Bruce, you said you are using an UNO. Can you please give me details of how you set it for 3.3V operation. The UNO is 5V only. Also, could you share your test program for the Arduino I can use for testing it on Arduino.


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