Author Topic: What is the best way for SBC66EC to talk to each other over Ethernet?  (Read 6151 times)


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Hello Everyone,

I'm building a network of controllers for big building and I want to use 4 SBC66EC boards to exchange information over Ethernet. I'm doing this because there are already Ethernet cables running all across the building back to a router.

I have each board reading a cluster of sensors and controlling a cluster of actuators. This is quite straight forward.

Now I want to control all 4 boards through 1 board. The master board will send my inputs and a few sensor data to the other 3 boards and they will send the sensor readings and status of the actuators back to the master to display on a webpage.

I tried to implement this by getting the boards to send webserver HTTP commands with Java script then I realised they will not communicate if the webpages are not open.  :oops:

Can someone please guide me in the right direction to set up the communication using Ethernet? What protocol shall I use and how do I get started?

Thanks!  :mrgreen: