Author Topic: SBC44UC with other demo software  (Read 5548 times)


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SBC44UC with other demo software
« on: July 04, 2007, 03:09:49 PM »
Has anyone managed to get other demo software working with the SBC44UC apart from the Virtual com port demo?

I've tried demos from

but can't get any of them to work.

The only I can to work is from
I can now toggle RD2 and RD3 from the PC app.


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Re: SBC44UC with other demo software
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2007, 03:29:47 PM »

No, I have not tried any of those demos. I used a couple of Microchip's demos, and other programs to test to hardware. The hardware is working fine.

How are you programming the board, you ask if I think the bootloader could be causing the problems? You have to read the Microchip "PICDEM FS USB Demonstration Board User's Guide" for info on writing a program that can be loaded via the bootloader. You can download it here. The bootloader code is avialble for free in the download, so no worries if you erase it.

I think the best will be for you to program these demos you are trying to use with the ICD 2 or similar programmer. Maybe you first have to do an erase of the chip, seeing that the bootloader's flash segment is write protected. I think you have to do an entire chip erase to remove the write protection of that segment. Additionally after writing the new firmware, do a verify to confirm it was written to the Flash.

You also have to remember that the "USB Bus Sense" and "USB Self Power Sense" port pins are different than on the Microchip Demo Board. The SBC44UC uses ports D3 and D2, where the Microchip Demo Board uses A1 and A2. All you have to do to run a Microchip Demo program on this board is change the following 4 lines in the "io_cfg.h" file. This has already been done in the downloaded source code for the SBC44UC.

Code: [Select]
#define tris_usb_bus_sense  TRISDbits.TRISD3
#define usb_bus_sense       PORTDbits.RD3

#define tris_self_power     TRISDbits.TRISD2
#define self_power          PORTDbits.RD2


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Re: SBC44UC with other demo software
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2007, 05:41:58 AM »

I managed to get the demo at working to the extent that the SBC44UC allows.

You need to replace the file io_cfg.h in the \picusbdemo directory with the modtronix version of the file from \sbc44uc_boot_v100\cdc1\src. You then need to define SBC44UC_BOARD in the macro definitions for the C18 complier to pick up these changes when compiling. Of course you need to get the directories right in the MPLAB workspace to get it to compile.

Simply compile the code and program the device using the bootloader. Using the PC application (WindowsApplication3.exe) which is part of the demo you can enter two numbers and then send a command string with the numbers via usb to the SBC44UC pic which adds them and returns the sum to the PC application via usb.

Now to make it do something useful  :-)