Author Topic: Updated SBC65EC/SBC68EC DHCP module per Microchip TCP/IP Stack v4.18  (Read 4928 times)


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Updated files dhcp.c and dhcp.h to Microchip TCP/IP Stack Version v4.18 dated 28 Nov 2007. 
This includes all bug fixes since 3.75, the following from Microchip TCP/IP Stack Version Log:

"v4.18. Fixed DHCP client RFC non-compliance where it would send the ciaddr field in the initial SELECTING state.  Also, in the RENEWING state, the requested IP Address option was being sent, which is illegal.  These changes may fix compatibility problems with certain DHCP servers.
v4.16. The DHCP client now specifically requests the previous IP address when a DHCP renewal occurs.

v4.13. Fixed a DHCP client UDP socket leak if you called DHCPDisable() after the DHCP client had already obtained a UDP socket.  Thanks go to Matthew Kendall on the Microchip Ethernet forum for identifying this problem.

v4.02. Rewrote DHCP client state machine, fixing the previously known problem where it would not perform a new discovery if it was trying to renew a lease with an offline DHCP server.

v4.00RC.  Fixed a DHCP bug which would cause DHCP renewals to continually occur after only 60 seconds once the original lease expired.  Thanks go to Brett Caulton for identifying this issue and fix."

Files already uploaded. See