Author Topic: Photos of new in485P RS485 module  (Read 4625 times)


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Photos of new in485P RS485 module
« on: February 03, 2008, 10:24:21 PM »
Attached are some photos of our new in485P module. It is part of our new Presto iMod Range. It has press-fit connectors, and is pressed into 1mm holes on the main board. It has a RS-485 Interface. Two versions are available:
  • in485P - For RS-485 Slave devices, only driver chip.
  • in485P-M - For RS-485 Master devices. Has DIP switch for enabling RS-485 terminating and bias resistors. Also has a DIP switch for enabling power to be sinked and sourced via an additional wire on the data cable.
It works with a supply of 3V. A future module, the iv485P with work with a 5V supply.
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