Author Topic: == Programming SBC65EC and SBC68EC boards ==  (Read 24843 times)


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Re: == Programming SBC65EC and SBC68EC boards ==
« Reply #15 on: March 01, 2011, 02:14:27 PM »
"Reset Target Before Connecting" unchecked;
This box should be checked when upgrading the firmware.

Well yes, normally.  If you uncheck it then you have to reboot it yourself through the web interface or by disconnecting and reconnecting the power.  And you have to do this reboot *after* you hit the connect button or no more than 2 seconds before because there is only about a 2 second window between when you reboot and when the connect packets will be accepted by the board.

There have been rare occasions where I *had* to reboot manually and so I unchecked this box.  But again, this is rare.


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Re: == Programming SBC65EC and SBC68EC boards ==
« Reply #16 on: March 01, 2011, 06:33:30 PM »
Success!  Thanks gr and leifo.  Here are details I hope help others in the future:

Web page "System Configuration" (id admin, password pw); page "Network Settings"; "Enable DHCP" from checked to unchecked, "IP Address" from to (since my Linksys router assigned and 53 was picked as per gr notes), "Subnet Mask" from to (what Linksys router had previously assigned), "Gateway Address" from default to (what Linksys router had previously assigned), "Update", power off, power on.  Can see web pages by browsing to

"Network Bootloader" PC software; both "Target IP Address..." fields to; "Update EEPROM Configuration Data" checked to unchecked (so the changes of the previous paragraph will not be over-written, and I know the current EEPROM settings will work with the firmware being programmed), "Reset Target Before Connecting" checked; Connect.  See in the Network Bootloader message area:

18:27:59.492 - Trying to connect with Target...............
18:28:02.226 - Found: SBC65EC, Hardware V3.01 (PIC18F6627)
18:28:02.236 - Bootloader V1.0
18:28:02.236 - Successfully connected

"Upgrade Firmware"

18:28:02.286 - Found: SBC65EC, Hardware V3.01 (PIC18F6627)
18:28:02.286 - Bootloader V1.0
18:28:11.459 - Do not close program or switch target's power off!!
18:28:11.469 - Upgrading firmware...........................
18:28:11.469 - Erasing Target...
18:28:13.652 - Target successfully erased
18:28:14.173 - Programming target FLASH from 0x800 to 0xc1f4................................................
18:28:23.857 - Target successfully programmed!
18:28:23.897 - Target exited bootloader mode
18:28:23.897 - Target has been reset

Notice the target was on and functioning when I pushed "Connect", instead of the recommended "have it off".  I think that is what the "Reset Target Before Connecting" is for -- It allows "Connect" to do a board reset so it will go into its boot loader code.


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Re: == Programming SBC65EC and SBC68EC boards ==
« Reply #17 on: March 10, 2011, 06:03:22 PM »
Hello.. i have a question about sbc65ec..

we have a thesis.

from it's features.. do i have to buy for a frequency counter to do this? or it s bult in on the board?